Cat Adoption

Valley Vet is excited to be working with the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter to help with the current cat over-population in our county.

The VVCCAC adoption fee is $100.00 and includes the following:

  • Spay/Neuter surgery at six months of age by one of our licensed veterinarians
  • Negative fecal test – meaning the kitten has no intestinal parasites
  • Negative blood test – meaning the kitten does not have Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS
  • Vaccine series – including all upper respiratory vaccines and first Leukemia booster; Rabies given at 16 weeks of age

Valley Vet help animals in need.*100% of adoption fees will be directly deposited into Valley Vet’s Veterinary Service Fund. This fund is made possible by donations and is used to help families in need and their pets. For more information please visit:

Adopted: Our newest adoptees are Gordon, Kole, and Brodie! They are all males and are all very spunky! They love to play and also love to be cuddled! They were all adopted by our very own Valley Vet crew and made amazing additions to their families!

Gordon, Kole, & Brodie

These cuties are Denby (right) and Oscar (left)! They have both been adopted to different homes! Denby is so sweet and loves to cuddle and Oscar and feisty and loves to play! They are still in the process of receiving all their vaccines and both still need to be neutered.

Denby and Oscar

This is Nick (left) and Noel (right), both of whom have been adopted! They earned their names for the time of year we got them, Christmas! They are negative for Feline Leukemia/AIDS as well as their fecal. They have had their all thier vaccines and will be sterilized.


Boomer(mouse in his mouth) and Bubbles (staring off into the distance) have both been adopted! They recently got all vaccines, both are negative for the Feline Leukemia/AIDS test, and both are negative for the Fecal test. They are both so SWEET and loving! They love attention and people.


Olivia(black) and Landie (gray) have been adopted out to a wonderful, loving home! They are both female and sterilized. They both had vaccines including the rabies, upper respiratory vaccines and first Leukemia booster. They are negative for the Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS test.


Caterpillar (left) and Bumblebee (right) have both been adopted! They were found and nursed back to health by one of own doctors. Both will be vaccinated, sterilized at 6 months, and are negative for feline leukemia and feline aids.

Stubby or Mama cat, she is 14 months old and is spayed and feline leukemia and feline AIDS negative, fecal test negative and current on all vaccines including rabies. Stubby (Mama cat)’s kittens, they have been adopted out as well.



Thank you for helping us to fulfill our motto to our client’s and our community.