2018 Oral Health Promotion

Your Pet Looks to You for Dental Care – And We Can Help!

The pain of dental disease often goes unnoticed.  The truth is that 70% of dogs and cats over the age of five have some dental problems. 30% of all pets have undiagnosed oral pain. Left unchecked, these lead to toothaches, gum disease, and heart, kidney or liver problems.

Lucky’s Dilemma from Quadrid Productions on Vimeo.

  • Intra Oral x-rays, normally $70 now $50 ($20 discount during promo) 30% of normal teeth have pathology below the gum line. Valley Veterinary Clinic believes oral x-rays should be a standard of care as it is in humans.
  • Free oral examination: if we have not seen your pet in the last 6 months, call to schedule a FREE ORAL EXAMINATION during which we will outline a treatment plan.
  • We are also recommending SANOS Teeth Sealant (keeps the the gum-line free of plaque for up to 6 months) for $75 during 2018, which is normally $105. Sanos is a dental sealant application, which helps keep the gum-line free of plaque for up to 6 months. Sanos is approved by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) Please wait 7 days after Sanos application before resuming teeth brushing.

As always, all our dental procedures include:

  • Pre-anesthetic exam and chair side supervision by the veterinarian.
  • Pre-anesthetic medication and anesthetic induction
  • Monitoring by a technician during and after the procedure until patient is fully recovered.
  • Intravenous catheter and fluids.
  • Our new, state-of-the-art VetGuard Monitor of heart rate, oxygen, CO2, blood pressure, body temperature.
  • Body heat maintenance via Gaymar and Bear Hugger.
  • Courtesy nail trim.
  • And of course, scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment.

We, “Your Valley Veterinary Family” want your four legged family members to have clean and pain free oral health!

Please call us at 505-326-2237 with any questions or to schedule an oral examination.