ProHeart Injectable Heartworm Prevention



Hello Valley Vet Pet Family!


We are excited to announce we now have ProHeart 6 month and ProHeart 12 month injectable Heartworm prevention available for dogs!

ProHeart 12 has been used in Australia safely since 2002 and recently was approved for use in the USA!


  • Research shows most dogs receive 4.2 monthly pills per year thus ProHeart injectable will ensure compliance.

  • It is guaranteed by the manufacturer, Zoetis, meaning after an annual negative heartworm test and a ProHeart injection, Zoetis will cover the cost of the treatment if your dog gets heartworms.

  • A veterinarian – to help ensure your dog is screened healthy – will administer the injection!

  • Cost is similar to, or in some cases less than, 12 months of oral heartworm prevention.

  • We have a promotion going on right now! Valid until August 15th, for each purchase of ProHeart 12, you will receive a $20 visa rebate, and a $5 rebate for every purchase of ProHeart 6!

  • Please visit: to learn more and view client testimonials on YouTube.

  • Questions? Ask us! Call 505-326-2237 or click on the “Zoetis Pet Care” link above.     

” I plan on using it on my dog, Luna!”


Dr. Woodson, Dr. Alavarez, Dr. Fraser, Dr. Mouton, Dr. Miranne, and the staff at Valley Veterinary Clinic