Our Pharmacy

Veterinary Hospitals traditionally have their own in-house pharmacy and VVC is no different. We have a comprehensive, competitive array of drugs that can be conveniently send home with you after your exam with the doctor. Veterinarians are trained in pet pharmacology and are the best option to prescribe for your pet. SUPPORTING our pharmacy allows a FULL SERVICE veterinary facility like ours to afford and provide the additional technology, trained staff and emergency service experience necessary to give your pets the very best attention to detail and diagnostic availability. This is another aspect of your pet’s care we take very seriously. Any and all refills require a Veterinarian’s review and approval not only as a doctor, but as the pharmacist for your pet; the best of both worlds. In addition, be confident in that we have researched all drugs and medications and have purchased them from the very best reliable sources, and that they are stored properly and they are long dated and labeled appropriately. The internet pharmacies and box stores cannot reliably provide these critical functions with consistency as we can provide. Please try to give a 48 hour notice for refills. Typically we have them filled the same day and will call you personally when it is ready. Refills will be at the front desk with your chart for pickups.

If you have any questions regarding your pet’s medication, call us to talk about it. That is our job!