Veterinary Assistant

I was born and raised in Aztec, New Mexico. I have had a love and curiosity for animals since I was very young, but I only recently grew a passion for veterinary medicine at the end of high school. I became a certified veterinary assistant so I can help you and your furry family members keep your relationship happy and strong.

Our motto is “Our Family Serving Your Family,” what does that mean to you?
After a long, hard day, the best thing to come home to is your family. You feel most comfortable around them, you feel loved and appreciated. When they greet you at the door and ask you how you’ve been, to me there’s no greater feeling. So to me, this motto means that feeling. When you walk in our doors, it means you become our family and we make you feel at home. It means your pet becomes our pet and we would do anything in the world for them, no questions asked. 

What are your personal interests? Hobbies?
My favorite activity to do is go hiking or go on adventures with my husband and our fur babies. I don’t mind a cool video game every now and then. I also love reading, writing, and spending quality time with my family and friends.