Valley Veterinary Clinic Current Policy and Hours, effective December 18, 2020



Dear Valley Vet Client Family,                                                                                                          

            Unbelievably, we are approaching 1 year of Covid-19 virus and the life changes it has brought. This has been by far the most challenging year in over 35 years of practice. Fortunately, our systems and protocols have allowed us to meet our client and pet patient needs and remain open and safe. Summer with the heat had its challenges and likewise this winter will present different challenges.

In order to provide the safest atmosphere for our staff and clients, we are continuing the following safety precautions:


(1) Practicing curbside service only in all facets of our services. Please use the numbered parking spots 1-6 located in the front parking lot. Additionally, located on the side parking lot, we have a handicap spot and numbers 7-8. For boarding, use handicap spot and lettered spots A and B by pet playground located in the back of the parking lot to drop off or pick up for boarding.

(2) Wearing PPE (facemasks, gloves,), washing hands, practicing social distancing, etc. We encourage our clients to wear masks as well if so inclined.

(3) Monitoring staff for any signs or symptoms including taking daily temperatures, monitoring symptoms daily, etc.

(4) Keeping our office disinfected throughout the day.

(5) If you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick, please advise our staff so other arrangements can be made.


Hospital- Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

                Saturday 8am-12pm

Boarding- Monday-Friday 7:45am-5:30pm

                 Saturday 8am-12pm 2pm-5pm

                 Sunday 3:30pm-5pm

** If boarding doesn’t answer, please leave a voicemail, will be checked hourly**

EUTHANASIA: In the unfortunate situation that you need to make a quality of life decision (euthanasia) and want to be present, we will allow up to 2 people with facemasks and we can do this procedure on the front yard grass area by the picnic table or we will allow up to 2 family members in the office wearing masks.

PRESCRIPTION REFILLS/FOOD PICK UP: Is in effect for all prescriptions and/or food ordered. Please call ahead of time to get your prescriptions and/or food ordered at which time you may pay by credit card. When you arrive at the office to pick up your order, please park at the designated spot directly in front of the clinic, stay in your vehicle and call the clinic at 505-326-2237 and our staff will bring your order to you. If needed, you may pay by cash or check at this time. Credit card, called in, is the preferred method of payment.


            -As always, dogs must be on a leash and cats in a carrier. You must get your pet out of your car and present to our staff member; a staff member cannot go into your car to retrieve your pet. If you dog is nervous you can walk them up to the clinic door with the staff member. If your dog/cat has an inclination to be a fear biter please inform our staff so we can use a muzzle for the safety of your pet and our staff.

            -When you arrive please stay in your car and call 505-326-2237 and let us know what spot you are in. A team member will have you fill out a history form if you have not already completed it via our website ( under “forms”. After the form is filled out, our team member will collect your pet and the form.

            -While you wait in your car, your pet will be examined. After the examination, the veterinarian will call you to answer any questions you may have and to discuss treatment options and to review a treatment plan/estimate.

            -Once we have our permission and treatment consent form if needed, we will proceed with the treatment plan.

            -Upon completion we will bring your pet back to our car or, if dropped off, schedule a pickup time. Please do not leave your car unless told to and please stay in the same parking spot to prevent confusion. Payment will be by phone and we will call to take payment or send a staff member out with a wireless credit card terminal or take your check/cash.

            -If you are sick or have been exposed to someone who has been sick, please advise our staff of this when you make your appointment so we can discuss and make other arrangements.

CURBSIDE DROP OFF SERVICE: We encourage drop-offs as another option. The above protocol for dropping off your pet will be in effect. We will have you fill out a pet history form and sign a consent form. Please make sure we have a phone number for contacting you. A doctor will call to discuss exam findings and treatment recommendations and set up a curbside pickup time. Payment can be made by credit card, cash or check.

EMERGENCIES: As always, we are available for emergency calls after hours by calling 505-326-2237. There are emergency fees associated with ER visits. Again, curbside service during ER visits will be in place.

We hope the end is in site as we miss the interaction, the communication, and educational experiences with our clients and patients that Valley Vet is known for. Not to mention the hugs and sharing the Human-Animal bond on a daily basis.


                        Wishing you all a Merry and Blessed Christmas,

                                                Dr. Alvarez, Dr. Woodson, Associate Doctors and staff


“Our Family Serving Your Family”