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Valley Veterinary Clinic Pet Lodge and Salon


Our Hospital offers advanced imaging services at our facility, with the option to send the films to a licensed radiologist for review if necessary.

Common Problems We Diagnose:

  • Broken bones: X-rays and other tests can identify any fractures or breaks affecting an animal. 

  • Cancer: Diagnostic imaging can determine the location and severity of tumors and masses. 

  • Heart disease: The heart’s health can be monitored by tests that show its size and any irregularities present.

  • Respiratory illness: Some procedures can show any issues, fluids, or abnormalities in the lungs and airways of an animal. 

On your departing instructions, you will have an x-ray number that can be used to access the x-rays on our website. Put the number into the x-ray search box and see your pet’s x-rays from your own computer.