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Valley Veterinary Clinic Pet Lodge and Salon

COVID-19 Guidelines

Valley Veterinary Clinic Current Health Safety Policy, effective August 20, 2021

Clients Can Now Come in With Their Pets!

But we do still have a few precautions…

Veterinarian and client wearing masks and discussing dog's health

Current Guidelines

As of August 20, 2021, per the State of New Mexico mandate, we are re-implementing that all clients – vaccinated and un-vaccinated – are required to wear a mask indoors. Clients still have the option to either come inside or do curbside service for their pet’s appointment, but if you choose to come inside, you must be wearing a mask. This is for the health and safety of you and others around you. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

At Valley Veterinary Clinic we will not require proof of vaccination, instead will go by an honor system. We will continue many of our safety and efficiency protocols as we transition from a COVID veterinary experience back to our normal, pre-pandemic Valley Veterinary experience.

We ask that you continue to check-in by calling (505) 326-2237 when you arrive for your pet’s appointment. Please tell our customer service representative if you would like curbside service or instead wish to accompany your pet inside the clinic for the appointment. Please let the CSR know which parking slot you are in and a team member will come out to escort you (if you wish to come inside) and your pet in as soon as we have an open exam room.

A Few Things You Should Know

  • Medication and food pickups will continue to be curbside, for the time being, at the designated area in the front of the building.

  • Maximum of 2 people per family in the clinic for appointments.

  • Check-in will be done curbside, if you request that type of appointment, otherwise the history will be taken in the exam room.

  • Check-out will be in exam rooms or by phone for curbside appointments to minimize congregation of individuals in the clinic.

  • Tech appointments will continue to be curbside only for the time being.

  • Urgent care/walk-in services will be curbside only and in most cases will require your pet to be dropped off.

  • Pre-arranged drop-off appointments will be curbside.

  • For everyone’s continued safety, we ask that if you have fever, cough or believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, please let our CSR know and the appointment will be curbside only.

  • Euthanasia can be done inside the clinic with the restriction of 2 family members in attendance or can be done outside by/on the picnic table.

  • We will limit clients/patients in the reception waiting area for the time being.

To handle the increased demand we will continue some curbside protocols and efficiencies which also helps with safety of clients and staff.

Veterinarian's Desk with Dog & Hands

The doctors and staff of Valley Veterinary Clinic have experienced what all veterinarians in the country have and continue to experience – an increased demand for veterinary services of about 30% yet doing so with fewer lay staff and the same number of doctors. There was a veterinary lay staff and veterinary doctor shortage before the pandemic and it is amplified now!

We continue to ask for your patience, understanding and kindness during the transition back to normal just as we have asked during the ramp up to pandemic protocols. Our staff and doctors have worked very hard for the last 1.5 years events and we have shown up every day to take care of our Valley Vet family patients and clients. We are looking forward to seeing you, our clients, again in the office as the human need for community and “hugs” is a very strong component of the human-animal bond.

-Dr. Fraser, Dr. Moore and the staff of Valley Veterinary Clinic.